Why we do it

To reach the new frontiers of competitiveness and development, we need to go through adequate territorial politics of economic and social promotions with the goal to increase the quality of life, attract visitors and create new local jobs.

We are focused on economic development, research, education, cultural exchange, and the continued creation of new jobs, which provides dignity and self-respect for each individual.

We believe in helping small to medium size companies internationalize. They are the epicenter of creativity, innovation, and primarily responsible for diversification, while sustaining the economy in their local community.

Why come to us

It is both costly and time-consuming for any firm to set up and operate a distinctive company or branch in a new country. Instead of maintaining a team of full-time employees of your own, at OXORA we place our own trained personnel at work for you, on a “as needed” basis. We specialize in International Corporate Management, therefore the reduced cost-base, combined with management expertise, will make your international expansion both affordable and efficient.

The success of OXORA is based entirely on the success of your business. As we make your company grow and win more business deals, we succeed from winning more management work from you. The company ownership is always yours therefore, at any given time, you have the absolute choice of keeping or breaking your tie with us, according to your own best interests.

OXORA has established in-depth knowledge, know-how and a wide range of resources in various parts of the world. Currently we conduct the majority of our Corporate Management in the United States of America, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Italy and France, and we continuously explore other countries and regions to better serve the businesses we manage.

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A special note to Government Leaders

As aforementioned, it is a daunting task for many companies to initiate business in a foreign territory. However, the possibility of attracting more business and investment into your territory will be substantially increased when entrepreneurs and companies are given the efficient and affordable solutions that we offer.

This is why we advocate the collaboration between your territory and OXORA. A joint collaboration will help us establish an infrastructure in your territory, which in turn will enable us to ease the business process thereby making it more attractive for companies to invest in your local economy.