We are International Corporate Managers and Business Developers.

If you are interested in pursuing one or more of the following objectives, please do proceed in scheduling an appointment for a preliminary evaluation:

  • Expanding my existing business in the USA or Internationally.
  • Starting a new business in the USA or a different Country.
  • Starting a joint business venture.
  • Investing in a new or existing company in the USA or different Country.
  • Purchase and manage a property, worldwide, for private use or resell.
  • Build a new home or commercial property, and manage it, worldwide.
  • Open a corporate bank account on your behalf, in the USA or different country.
  • Sell your products or services to corporate buyers without becoming their authorized vendor.

To schedule an appointment call 203 504 2198 or email contact@oxora.com


Prior to meeting us in person, please visit the following links:

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